Jay Jay's Scale Modelling Tips & Techs
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Welcome to Jay Jay Ngiam's scale aircraft modelling tips & techs


Scale modelling is a great hobby.It really brings out the talent in someone and really test the patience in him/her.

This page is specially made for those scale modelers in Malaysia where most of the things used are from the Malaysian market.This page is filled with all kind of tips and techniques required to perfect your models.

It is really a great pleasure to share my modelling experience with my fellow Malaysian modelers.

If you have any questions or opinions,please mail it to me.That's all I have to say cause I gotta go finish my models.

Hey,don't expect too much from a 14 year old kid,OK ?

(When I finish my SR-75 Penetrator & XR-7 Thunderdart models,I'll show it to you guys.)