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OK...Let's start

First we start with the necessary tools and materials for model constuction.We need things like:

>Tiub cement
>Super Glue:Selleys Supa Glue,etc(Those that bond in 10secs)
>Pen knife
>Sandpaper:Those that are fine to the touch.
>Masking tape:Those that don't stick too much.
>Putty:Look for putty used for cars sold in hardware stores.
>Paint brushes:I use those by Testors.
>Paint thinner:Those that are sold in bottles.
>Modelling paints:I use AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR.
>Satay sticks:Those found in any store.Sold in packets.

Other things like scissors,pliers,hangers,rubberbands and nailclippers will certainly help in completing your model.


In order to fully concentrate on your model,quality workspace is vital.There should be enough space and lighting.A small table will certainly help if you are working indoors.I prefer to take out a foldable table and place it under the porch.The Malaysian weather is great,it will dry your glue or putty in no time and supplies lots of light.
Now,try to familiarize yourself with the instructions and parts supplied in the kit.If there are any obvious imperfections,try to fix them as best as you can.When you are ready to start,wash all the parts in washing detergent. Dry the parts in the sun and make sure the crows don't pick on them.

Done that? OK.....

Now lay out the pieces on your workplace and prepare for the fun.

Go on to the next step if you're done with the preparations.



Small parts like the seats,pilots,landing gears,etc.are very important in making your model look like the real thing.These parts should be handled with extra care at all times.If these small parts require assembly,use super glue.Do not use tiub cement cause it is messy.If there are small gaps,use super glue to fill,not putty.
Next,start painting those small parts.Remember to thin the paint because thick paint will cover the details.I advice you to paint the small parts while they are still attached to the sprue,touching up later.

Got to get something to drink.Wait there......

OK...I'm back.Where were we?

Oh..Here are some general guidelines of assembly.

1. Examine all the parts of the kit while they are still attached to the sprue.

2. Sometimes bits of plastic are left attached to the parts during the forming process.Sanding or cutting away these bits will make assembly easier.When detaching the parts from the sprue,use a nailclipper or a pair of pliers.

3. Before glueing any parts together,clean them and check for fit.All paint should be scraped off the surfaces that are to be glued.Be careful not to damage any painting you have done.

4. There are many types of glues and cements.Tube cements weld the plastic together in a permanent bond.If used sparingly,it is very effective.Tube cement softens the plastic and joins the parts together.Do NOT use cement for the landing gears as it will weaken it.Super glue is used to join parts which are small and fragile like the armaments,landing gears,antenna,etc.Super glue can also be used to fill seams and cracks.Glueing clear parts require a steady hand and clear drying glue(Selleys Supa Glue).Glued parts may require holding while they dry.I use rubberbands to hold them or if you want to spend some money,use clamps.

5. Of all the 6 senses we have,the most important one is COMMON SENSE.Use it in assembling your model.The instructions are written in a certain order for a reason.Follow them unless you want to add detail.

6. Filling gaps and cracks on a model will enhance its appearance if they are done properly and neatly.I apply putty using a tool a made myself.The tool is a small iron rod measuring about 16cm long with one of the ends flattened and the other end bent into a loop like the eye of the fishing hook.Smooth the flattened end with sandpaper.I take out putty from the can using this tool and apply it along the gaps.Then smooth the putty with the same tool.Later,when the putty is nearly dried,sand until it blends with the rest of the model.This tool can also be used to apply glue sold in cans.

7. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN to avoid leaving fingerprints on your model.

8. Sometimes,you might want to add a little detail to your model.This can be done with a pen knife and a credit card or masking tape.The whole point to scribing is to get engraved panel lines(or control surface outlines,fueling points,or whatnot)that either never existed or thet were somehow erased during filling and sanding.Do not apply too much pressure while scribing or you'll end up with trenches instead of nice panel lines.It's better to go back over the line two or three times instead of filling it in,sanding, and starting all over again.Remember,GENTLE PRESSURE!(More detailing tips in the painting section)





Jay Jay Ngiam Yen Chai